SAUK Forum

Welcome to our forum, our forum is for those who are directly affected or supports someone with scoliosis.

Everyone on the forum is entitled to their opinion so please be respectful of others. If you consider a post offensive please get in touch with us at SAUK

The following are guidelines for using our forum. Our members find this forum really helpful and we hope you do too.

Please respect and support each other!

We do not permit

  • Sexual or offensive language or content
  • Posting of illegal downloads or links
  • Advertising or spam
  • Harassment of users
  • The forum to be used to gather research or to sell products or services (unless agreed with Sauk)

General Tips for our online community users


  • Never give out your credit card details on an open forum.
  • Don’t share your passwords with others
  • Don’t post pictures/videos that you wouldn’t want the wider public seeing!
  • If you arrange to meet another forum member do so in a public place and tell someone.

If you see something that you are concerned about, please get in touch. SAUK