Pippa Britton


Pippa was born with Spina Bifida but unlike many children with the condition, she learned to walk. She says she did this because she didn’t realise she wasn’t supposed to be able to, but her perseverance, positive attitude and determination can only have helped.

As a child she was a keen and ambitious swimmer but gave this up as a teenager to pursue other interests and after a long break from any sport, she took up archery and was determined to do well. She achieved 3 World Championship medals before taking time out to have her scoliosis surgically corrected and against all predictions was back competing again after only 6 months. The following 3 World Championships saw 3 more medals and she was part of the British team in 2 Paralympic Games, despite additional scoliosis surgery.


After retirement she wanted to put something back into sport and became involved in coaching and administration. She currently holds the post of Chair of Disability Sport Wales and, as a passionate advocate of fair and clean sport, is also on the board of UK Anti-Doping. She enjoys speaking to groups about sport, life and disability awareness.


When she has a little free time she enjoys arts and crafts and is a keen reader.


Double Paralympian
6 World Archery Championships – 6 podium places
24 International Events – 24 International Medals
Holder of 3 World Records & 11 National records.
Double Paralympian
Chair Disability Sport Wales



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