Ailie Harrison Art Competition 2018

Ailie Harrison co-founded SAUK with Stephanie Clark in 1981. They met while working for the late Dr Phillip Zorab, who was researching the effects of scoliosis on the heart and lungs at the Cardiovascular Institute in London. Ailie sadly passed away in July, 2014, and she is dearly missed. Alongside SAUK, Ailie’s real passions in life were painting and drawing. She was a very talented artist. In memory of Ailie and her tireless commitment to SAUK over many years, we launched this competition.

This year we asked you to paint or draw a picture that could be turned into a Christmas card. We have two great winners. Thank you to all of you who took part.


Winners 2018


Amy Byford

Scoliosis visits the Isle of Wight

The design of the card was based on the Isle of Wight where I live with the spin down the middle of it with the sea and boats around it too. I felt it was something different and it was an idea popped into my head. Found it was easier to go afterwards. I found it was very relaxing after I have been on holiday in the warmer climes in the Caribbean.

Katie Braybrook

Snow Globe London


As I had my scoliosis surgery in Evelina London Children’s Hospital just after Christmas, I decided to design a card which incorporated London with Christmas. I included Big Ben and the London eye into this as the hospital I stayed in is located nearby to both of these London landmarks. For me, London is part of my scoliosis journey. I drew these inside a snow globe as this symbolises winter and Christmas.

 These Christmas cards are on sale now at our online shop


Winners 2017 


1st Place       Nadia Ferns  £100 - winning piece printed on the back of our running vests

2nd Place      Zoe Katherine Martin  £50


3rd Place       Debbie Newman   £20


About Ailie Harrison

Ailie Harrison co-founded SAUK with Stephanie Clark in 1981. She passed away in July, 2014, and is dearly missed. As well as being tirelessly committed to SAUK throughout her life, Ailie was a very talented artist. We are delighted to commemorate her by launching this new competition.

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