Virtual Fundraising

12 May 2020

Until we can meet again in person, the options for fundraising have been limited because get togethers and outdoor activities should be avoided. There are, however, so many ways that you can become a virtual fundraiser. Fundraising online not only gives you a fun activity to do but also can create new opportunities for online connections while supporting us to continue the important work we do. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Please let us know if you need any help. Good luck to you all!

- Online pub quizzes: We may not be able to go to the pub but we can keep the friendly competition of a pub quiz alive in our own homes. Get your friends to invite their friends and before you know it, you have a whole host of virtual quizzers to donate to your cause (and they get a great night out of it too.)

- Online bingo: Again, this could be a regular event. Email out some cards; use a random number generator and revise that bingo lingo!

- Live Streams: Set yourself a weird and wonderful challenge and use Zoom or Facebook to broadcast it live. Shave it; Dye it; Eat it; Let your imagination go wild!

- Use your own skills: Teach yoga, offer musical instrument coaching, create art or knitwear, host language-speaking lessons, use the skills you already have to bring in those donations, and teach your friends something new!

- Virtual challenges: Use this opportunity to get fit by challenging yourself to some at-home exercises. How many flights of stairs can you climb? How long can you use a skipping rope or hula hoop for?

- Grow a crazy beard or moustache: Use your time in lockdown to grow out that beard, develop a curly moustache, perfect that goatee making yourself look slightly ridiculous is always a great way to get in those donations from friends and family.

- Raise awareness online: Share your fundraising page on Facebook, as well as background about SAUK’s mission, and remind people of your own story and the reasons why you’re fundraising. SAUK needs your help!

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