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Coping with the ageing spine

30 April 2020

When discs degenerate (wear down) they reduce in height, causing the facet joints at that level in the spine to degenerate too. If this process is symmetrical then the spine will be essentially the same shape, just shorter in height. However, unfortunately, in many patients this process is not symmetrical. Instead, vertebrae start to tilt or rotate on top of one other. When this happens there is a knock-on effect so that the levels of the spine above and/or below are affected too, which leads to a curvature in the spine.

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Non-surgical management of Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

21 April 2020

Surgery is an option for ADS but in some patients surgery may not be appropriate for various reasons and some patients may select non-surgical measures as their treatment of choice. Surgery for ADS in patients over 60 has a high complication rate and unless there is a clear possibility of significant post-operative benefit it is better they be managed conservatively. Most patients would be able to self manage their symptoms with lifestyle modification and intermittent use of medication to help the pain.

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