Family days out

Thanks to a generous donation from the Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust, SAUK is able to hold fun-filled family days out for its members at venues around the country!  We would love to visit a city near you…

We have some fantastic ideas for events but we want to hear from you with your interest and preferences so please get in touch to tell us where you would like to go.  The days out will be a great opportunity for families and young people with scoliosis to get together and have some fun!  If you’re interested in joining one of the events, or helping us organise a trip, then please contact

Please note that family days will be at weekends and that dates will be finalised as and when we have enough attendees to take part.  Places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis so get in touch soon!

We also hold scoliosis meetings every year to provide the opportunity for those affected by scoliosis to hear presentations from scoliosis specialists and meet others in similar circumstances.