Scoliosis Priority Setting Partnership

1 January 1970

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This year, SAUK has been working with the James Lind Alliance (part of the National Institute for Health Research) to develop a Scoliosis Priority Setting Partnership (SPSP). The SPSP brings together clinicians, patients, carers, and researchers to identify a top 10 list of research priorities to focus on in the future. Together, we are investigating, discussing, and outlining research priorities into the management and treatment of scoliosis. In the summer of 2016 we received several hundred responses. It’s been an enormously useful exercise so far. Many thanks to all of those who have given their time to contribute. The Steering Committee will meet in 2017 to complete the process. We expect the SPSP to aid us to promote scoliosis research priorities to a wider range of potential researchers and to increase our levels of research funding.


Camilla Seckin: patient perspective

“I am thrilled to be the patient representative for the SPSP Steering Committee. I feel extremely privileged to be part of a project that has the potential to shape future research into, and medical developments for, scoliosis. I bring to the SPSP not only my own voice as a scoliosis patient but the views of many of the other patients I support through my work as a Regional Representative with the BSRF’s sister organisation, the Scoliosis Association (UK). I’m excited for the outcome of the SPSP in 2017.”


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